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Classification of Demons

There are three (3) primary classes of Demon (Daemon) that exist.

Greater Demon - The true masters of the Demon World Greater Demon are noted for their large armies and are typically motivated by controlling territory or resources. Notoriously aggressive creatures, Greater Demons rarely work in concert often view even relatives as competition.


Demon WarlordKakódaimōn


Lesser Demon – The most common of the Demon species and

 also the most diverse. The Lesser Demon is the worker of the Demon world with most operating under either direct or indirect control of a Great Demon. Working as foot soldiers, assassins, nurse maids and concubines the Lesser Demon are noted for being tenacious fighters and ferociously loyal servants to their masters.Great Demon sub classes


Lesser Demon sub classes
Nybbas (blights)
Hell Hounds

Djinn – A powerful class of Demon, the Djinn are typically regarded as the scholars of the Demon world, dedicating their lives to acquiring power through knowledge. Highly social creatures, Djinn often work together to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Incubi (Succubi)

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